The Sculpture

The artist Josef Zutelgte, who lives in New York, was commissioned to design the 500 m² central area of the new roundabout. The original pattern for the finished sculpture was the oak tree (Telge) which gave Telgte its name.


Designs for the Telge, photographed by Simone Thieringer

Josef Zutelgte “interferes” with the predetermined shape, by changing the crown and branches of the tree. This is offset by the addition of a root system, which ends in leaf-like shapes mirroring the crown on a smaller scale and generating a balance and rhythm in the work. This shape is cut out of a rectangular panel and rotated 90° on its own axis, leading to a positive-negative effect. The whole design is then turned upside-down, so that the crown of the tree is at eye-level. The inversion of the work resulted from the process of artistic development. By emancipating himself from the basis of reality during the creative process, the artist can concentrate wholly on shape, surface area and tension.


Josef Zutelgte with a model of the Telge, photographed by Simone Thieringer

The sculpture challenges general assumptions. At the same time it offers the beholder the opportunity to alter his or her perceptions. Change in itself is the aim of a free society. It stands there as an appeal to look for other points of view and as a reminder that there is more than one way to approach something.


Technical data:

Height: 6 m

Width: 4,80 m

Thickness: 30 mm

Material: Steel S355

Weight: 8 metric tons

Colour: carmine red

Position in roundabout: central to the geometrical inner oval of the roundabout area

Foundation: 27,5 metric tons