The Idea

There has been - and indeed still is - a great deal of controversy surrounding Josef Zutelgte’s “upside- down red Telge” (Telge= young oak tree). The New York artist designed the sculpture which stands in the middle of the new roundabout. So why should there now be a homepage with photos about this very subject?
In July 2006, during the construction of the “big” Telge, Heinz Spiekermann took photographs of a smaller inverted tree in various places in Telgte. Some of the photos below were shown in the Telgte Town Hall as part of an exhibition by the Ostbevern Photographic Society "Augenblick". This supplemented the discussion in Telgte about the “correct” colour and the orientation of the Telge.

My first photos of the Telge were taken at the end of October 2006 during an evening stroll around the roundabout. I tried to capture the interesting effects of the metal sculpture in the glow of the streetlamps and car headlights.

A limited (150) edition of a miniature Telge was available through the Telgte Tourist Office in January 2006. It was an exact geometrical copy of the original, produced by the firm MVK in Heek. Inspired by the film “The Fabulous Life of Amélie Poulain“, in which a stewardess photographs a garden gnome in front of various tourist attractions, I had the idea of photographing the Telge in different places.

As a combined project is more interesting than working alone, I would like to invite other owners of a “small” Telge to send me their own photos. The background is of course not limited to Telgte. Perhaps someone could take the Telge on a journey and send pictures from Münster, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, the desert or a tropical rainforest. It would be especially interesting to know not only the name of the photographer but also the exact place and date of the picture. With the photographer’s consent, these details can appear with the photo on the home page.

Photos of the “big” Telge for the homepage are of course also very welcome.

Any comments and suggestions would be gratefully received

Michael Becks

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All pictures photographed by Heinz Spiekermann, 22.07.06